CLF General Meeting May 2018

  • Sat, May 12, 2018
  • 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Carriage House Meeting Room, Clayton Library

The Clayton Library Friends General Meeting will be held on Saturday, May 12, 2018. Registration will start at 10:15 and the meeting will start at 10:30 in the Carriage House Meeting Room at Clayton Library.

Speaker, Larry Youngblood, will present The Colonial Youngblood YDNA Genealogy Research Project, A strategy for knocking down brick walls… 

Of course, when Larry Youngblood visits his father's grave - a WW II veteran - ... the US Army Air Force's supplied marker says: Charles "N" Youngblood. Confusion abounds in the records as well in our memories upon which we rely to chronicle our ancestors; it almost seems at times, these little errors and omissions are specifically implemented to confuse us...this major confusion was the primary purpose for this YDNA research project. What if your grandfather does not know his grandfather's name? What if you find a book written in the 1960s about your family, clearly documenting the family from the 1740s but your entire branch is not included in it? How do you prove and correct the history? What does one do to begin searching for one's Colonial ancestors? How does one get started? How can we help others with what we have learned of this process? The questions to ask are so numerous!! Larry will share his experiences in the hopes that others can complete the task in a much more timely fashion. What must we learn of the basic understanding of DNA? Do you have to invest the time to be an expert? Given this, who should be our testing company? Is there already a Surname group? Which test should we ask relatives to take? Which relatives should we test, what are the goals and how are candidates found? Furthermore, how do you convince a "relative" to take a DNA test and when do you pay for the tests or upgrade the tests? After waiting for and getting results, what do we do now when a relative matches or a "known relative" does NOT match? What if the strategy does not get you to your results? Learn more about Larry's fascinating discovering which will likely help guide you in your own discovery !!!

About Larry:

Larry Youngblood has lived in and around Houston most of his life graduating from Milby High School and attaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from Texas A&M University '71 with an emphasis on Math and Computer Science. Larry was a High School teacher before joining the Oil Industry where he specialized first in writing engineering software and later training engineers and accountants in using the software. Word, Excel and PowerPoint were necessities in this role. He is following in the footsteps of his father's passion to find out about his ancestors by researching at the Clayton in the 1970's and travelling from San Antonio across the south to North Carolina rummaging in basements for more detailed records. After his father's passing, with little success on his goal, Larry discovered Family Tree DNA and the YDNA theory which gave him an understanding and a path to accomplish his father's goal, now his goal. Larry has been a Project Administrator now for 15 years using the Family Tree DNA Tools and enjoys working with others-relatives or not. Each year Family Tree has a large meeting in Houston to continue to bring administrators up to date on the latest findings...This year will be The 14th International Conference on Genetic Genealogy. Larry's family book (though his family from 1795 was left out) - Youngblood-Armstrong and Allied Families by Francis and Floelle Youngblood was ultimately the guide once Larry found through YDNA his connect. He is now writing a book of corrections and updates based on the YDNA Project.

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