Angel Program

Clayton Library Friends supports the periodicals collection of Clayton Library through our Angel Program. The Angel Program ensures support for the annual subscriptions of many periodicals from genealogy and historical societies across the United States. These publications are in addition to those covered through Clayton’s annual City of Houston budget. Together we maintain our exceptional collection which contributes to Clayton’s perennial standing as one of the top genealogy libraries in the country.

You can earn your “wings” by donating for one or more of the following periodicals requested by The Family History Research Center at the Clayton Library Campus. Non-specific donations are always welcome.

Donations may be made by check or online on our CLF Website – Checks should be made payable to ’Clayton Library Friends’. And mailed to: PO Box 271078, Houston TX 77277- 1078. Please write ANGEL on your check.

You can contact Barbara Richards and Lynda Collins at if you have any questions.

Annual Subscription Wish List:

Title Publisher  Cost 
Alabama Genealogical Society Magazine (AGS Magazine) Alabama Genealogical Society, Inc. $15.00
American-Canadian Genealogist American-Canadian Genealogical Society $45.00
Annals of Wyoming Wyoming State Historical Society $60.00
Argyll Colony Plus North Carolina Scottish Heritage Society $30.00
Arkansas Family Historian Arkansas Genealogical Society, Inc. $25.00
Blount Journal Blount County Genealogical Historical Society $25.00
Carolina Herald and Newsletter South Carolina Genealogical Society $25.00
Carolinas Genealogical Society Bulletin Carolinas Genealogical Society $20.00
Central Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly Central Georgia Genealogical Society, Inc. $30.00
Ceske Stopy = Czech Footprints Texas Czech Genealogical Society $35.00
Chicago Genealogist Chicago Genealogical Society $30.00
Chronicles of Oklahoma Oklahoma Historical Society $50.00
Clarke County Historical Society Quarterly Clarke County Historical Society $30.00
Collin County Chronicles Collin County TX $25.00
Connecticut Ancestry Connecticut Ancestry Society, Inc. $35.00
Connecticut Maple Leaf French-Canadian Genealogical Society of Connecticut  $30.00
Families Ontario Genealogical Society  $100.00
Family History Capers Genealogical Society of Washtenaw County, Michigan, Inc.  $10.00
Family Tree Magazine British Warner's Group Publication  $100.15
Flint Genealogical Quarterly Flint Genealogy Society  $20.00
Franklin County Genealogical Society Quarterly Franklin County Genealogical Society (Texas  $25.00
Genealogist American Society of Genealogists  $25.00
Genealogist Magazine Genealogy Society of Genealogists (UK)  $51.00
Genie ARK-LA-TEX Genealogical Society, Inc.  $20.00
Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly Georgia Genealogical Society  $45.00
Goingsnake Messenger Goingsnake District Heritage Society Assn. Oklahoma  $20.00
Idaho Genealogical Society Quarterly Newsletter Idaho Genealogy Society  $35.00
Illinois State Genealogy Society Quarterly Illinois Genealogy Society  $40.00
Indiana Genealogist Indiana Genealogical Society  $30.00
Irish Roots Belgrave Publishers  $35.00
Journal German-Texan Heritage Society  $35.00
"Kith 'n Kin"  [Sandusky Co. OH] Sandusky Kin Hunters  $15.00
Le Raconteur   Le Comite des Archives de la Louisiane  $15.00
Leaves and Branches Navarro County TX Genealogy Society  $25.00
Les Voyageurs German-Acadian Coast Historical and Genealogical Society  $15.00
Licking Lantern [Licking County, OH] Licking County Genealogical Society  $19.00
Lifelines [Northern NY] Northern NY American-Canadian Genealogical Society  $35.00
Maine Genealogist Maine Genealogy Society  $30.00
MASSOG & Past Times (Mass) Massachusetts Society of Genealogists  $25.00
Middle Tennessee Journal of Genealogy & History Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society  $25.00
Minnesota Genealogist Minnesota Genealogy Society  $35.00
Mississippi River Routes Vicksburg Genealogical Society, Ind.  $25.00
Rhode Island Roots Rhode Island Genealogical Society  $15.00
Rodziny  Polish Genealogical Society of America  $35.00
Shelby County Historical Society Quarterly [Alabama] Shelby County Historical Society  $20.00
South Dakota Genealogical Society Quarterly South Dakota Genealogical Society  $23.00
St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly (Missouri) St. Louis Genealogical Society  $45.00
Tap Roots Genealogical Society of East Alabama, Inc.  $25.00
Vermont Genealogy Vermont Genealogical Society  $30.00
Wisconsin State Genealogical Society Newsletter [WSGS] Wisconsin State Genealogical Society  $30.00

Last Updated: 2/04/2024

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